Our Mission:

Cacao Biotechnologies seeks to utilize cutting edge science to produce new pharmaceuticals, skin care and plant-based phytonutrients for use in a wide variety of applications in human health and disease treatment. Our focus is on the use of plant biotechnology and biochemistry approaches coupled with the natural ability of cacao tree to sustainably produce large amounts and a variety of phytochemicals.

We utilize the cacao tree as a natural bio-factory for the production of valuable phytochemicals, while protecting the environment. Our cacao is grown under organic and sustainable farming practices. Our extensive knowledge of the genetics of the cacao tree, coupled with world-class capabilities in plant biotechnology, position us as the preeminent leaders in this field.

The research and development of Cacao Biotechnologies is aimed at producing and propagating high-value cacao varieties of the future. We are 100% vertically integrated from plantation to laboratory.

In addition to our core capabilities we have strategic partnerships with large-scale cacao farms, University research labs and with biopharmaceutical experts. Together Cacao Biotechnologies seek to bring a new generation of biologicals to the marketplace.